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What We do

We strive to improve the La Vallée de Jacmel community through education, health, spiritual growth and business development. We originally paired with St. Jean Baptiste through the Parish Twinning Program to raise funds to support the priests of St. Jean Baptiste in the endeavors of helping their parishioners. Little did we know all the ways we could help this community improve itself and the lives of its people. The pastor came to us expressing his desire to provide a primary school for a poor community in the valley, and that dream became a reality in 2001 when St. Terese de La Voute was built. Realizing the primary school students needed a secondary school to continue their education, we founded IPEPH de Musac. The secondary school started out with only 12 graduates and now has around 25 in each graduating class, who all receive a college scholarship. Our graduates are given a college counselor to help them navigate life outside of their small villages and walk alongside them through this new experience. After graduating college, they have the opportunity to apply for our business program which helps create economic growth in the local villages. Our students are equipped with the necessary tools to change the future for not only themselves and their families, but also their communities and country. We also recognize that health is an important aspect in creating better communities. Currently our health initiative is focused on providing preventative dental care to youth throughout the La Vallée community by funding a dental clinic with a full-time dentist. All of our acts are done to bring the goodness of God into a community that has the power to change Haiti for the better, but not necessarily all the resources to do so. As our organization continues to grow, we are able to expand our efforts in these four sectors to enhance spiritual and community development.


Creating students that are highly intelligent, computer literate, fluent in English and leaders in their community.


Providing health resources to young people, in order to create healthier families for generations to come.


Assisting the priest of St. Jean Baptiste in serving its parishioners by promoting community development.


Investing in local economic development and helping young professionals obtain the tools to grow prosperous businesses.

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